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"[RUR: Reboot] is loosely (and I mean loosely) based on the old classic, RUR by Karel Capek, which has been . . . stripped down into a 22nd century laptop version that moves (or, more accurately, reboots) the plot as it transitions from historical nightmare to video game to rave."

John Barry, Reviewing RUR: Reboot at Run of the Mill

"[Ruts: The Oregon Trail Experience] is a jolly, jaunty adventure that lovingly mocks the tropes of the once-popular game. The audience . . . was even brought into the fun, being asked to hold up cardboard recreations of animals from the video game, as the father stalked through the crowd hunting for food to resupply the dwindling rations."

Jeff Messer of Mountain Xpress, Reviewing Ruts: The Oregon Trail Experience at the Asheville Fringe Festival

"[The Unlucky Princess] is a small glimpse into a child’s ability to transform the mundane into the real—an armchair can become a boat in the middle of the ocean, a knitted afghan can transform into a magical fishing net, and a rag doll into a regal princess . . . "

Mary McClung, Designer at Mountain State Repertory Theatre, on The Unlucky Princess Battles the Ghouls

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